Sunday, 9 March 2014

Side Hustles.

I have been very busy with work this last week or so. I have managed to make a little money through side hustles.

I have sold a pair of football boots and a pair of plimsolls on ebay making an extra £22.13. I have also had my first payout from inbox pounds of £20.07.

I just need to get the cheque to the bank1 I received a reimbursement from work £11.00., which as I have already paid that out and not missed it I sent that over to the savings.

This means that this month the total sent to the bank account is currently £271.13, I have not counted the inboxpounds money in this. I will add that to the total once the cheque has cleared. Which means I need to find an extra £109.80 to put into the savings by the end of the month. I need to get some more things organised for selling. I have another pair of plimsolls currently on ebay. I will organise some more things to list tomorrow. I think I have a sack of clothes which can go to the clothing recycling over the weekend as well.

I have a couple of makes that I need to get organised this week as well. Stephanie has 3 birthday parties over the next 3 weekends to attend. I am going to make the presents for these so need to get organised, I will speak to her tomorrow about what she would like to make them. I also have a dressing up day for world maths day at school on Wednesday, I need to organise myself a costume. I am thinking of perhaps some sort of math superhero and then having lots of math problems for the chn to solve throughout the day.

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