Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Yummy meals on little cash!

I am still trying to keep the pennies stretching out until payday. I have a big pay-out month coming up what with bus passes due, Stephanie's birthday next month and my sisters wedding all to cater for I need to save wherever I can!

Last night was a cheap dinner, we had chicken and vegetable curries with rice and naan bread. Doesn't sound that cheap? Well it was my mother in law made the curries- she knows I love her curry so always saves a couple of Tupperware's for me when she cooks. So all I had to pay for was the little bit of rice, value range long grain so ridiculously cheap for the tiny bit we used (10p maybe?!), than naan bread was 1 of a 2 pack bought reduced to 30p and frozen so 15p. Dinner for three for 30p, from my purse anyway- result!

Today was equally cheap I used some of this;

this was around £1 I think from approved food, I used a few scoops so probably about 10p worth. The lamb was leftovers from a cheap joint so lets say 50p it was this much;

I added some gravy about 20p worth, some carrots again about 20p worth, 10p worth from a  bag of kale. This is what we ate;

Today it was only me and Dylan home for dinner Stephanie was collected from school by her dad so he fed her today. So dinner for 2 costing around £1.10 in total. Obviously these are rough amounts as I don't weigh absolutely every gram but still very frugal.
I have forgotten to menu plan this week, but its fine whatever we eat will be from the freezer/ store cupboard so won't cost me any money this week and can pretty much guarantee it won't cost much in total either. It will be another just Dylan and me for tea day so I wont need to do a meat/ meat free option.

This is a shout out to Chrissie who won my world book day giveaway- I am going to give you until 8pm Thursday night to email me at littlefamilyof3@hotmail.co.uk so that I can pass your details onto the giveaway providers to get your books sent out or I will have to pass onto the next winner. Thank you :-)


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    1. it was Sharon. I was really impressed :-)

  2. Hi Sarah! I was hoping you would answer my question about your blog! My name is Heather and my email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

    1. have just emailed you to find out what the question is, I wil try and answer it :-)