Sunday, 27 April 2014

Another birthday!

Last Tuesday it was Stephanie's 8th birthday. It doesn't seem possible that my baby is 8 already.

She still likes to come in for a snuggle in the mornings;

And a little more of a snooze.

I did learn on her birthday that the easiest way to wake her in the morning is to bring her a bowl of her favourite cereal;

Although at over 32 a box! it is not  a treat she will get often. her dad supplied this particular treat.

She had time for a couple of presents before heading off to school

she was very pleased with her little pile of goodies. What she doesn't know is she has her main present in a couple of weeks. Both Stephanie and my niece want to go to Harry potter world in London. So my sister and I have booked a treat to take them together. As their birthdays are exactly a month apart we decided to book it smack bang in the middle of them both and keep it as a surprise.
After school we headed off to pizza hut for a family meal, birthday girls' request!

we all enjoyed her birthday cake;

Of course it was a Harry Potter themed cake.
Lots of fun was had and I now have a niece and nephew who a Harry Potter cake!!
Where has the time gone??!


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