Friday, 4 April 2014

Dressing up

I have had a couple of dressing up days at school this term. We had world maths day at the beginning of March where I became a super hero by the name of Miss Calculate. I made the costume myself by wearing a top and trousers, bikini bottoms over the trousers and a maths cape I made for myself. I don't seem to have taken a picture of the cape, it was made from a length of fabric and some oddments cut up to be numbers and symbols sewn on. I deliberately left the fabric in a long large piece so that it could be reused.
Then this week we had a dressing up day to support our story writing as we have been lookin gat traditional tales. I went as a princess. I made the dress out of the cape from world maths day for the skirt and the bodice was a little leftover fabric in my stash. I borrowd one of Stephanie's tiara's to complete the outfit.

Today was our Easter bonnet parade, so last night I borrowed one of Stephanie's hats and sewed some Easter chicks I had from past years around it will a little ribbon, again deliberately leaving the ribbon long so that it can be removed and reused for a more permanent something.

Very fetching!
Next term we are looking at china and learning traditional Chinese tales. So need to get my thinking cap on for a dressing up costume as the dressing up really supports the children's writing. I also need to make some Chinese inspired costumes as I want to have a Chinese dance school as our role play area for the term.
All ideas welcome!!

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