Friday, 11 April 2014

Join us on our fairy adventure!

Yesterday Stephanie and I went on an adventure, we made us of our National trust membership and went off to explore. This time the membership saved us the cost of parking, which at this [articular place is £3.50.

We started off by jumping along these rings of trees, which mystical creatures could have created such things?
We had to balance along a precarious walkway to begin our adventure through the smelly swamp!

sneak over the goblins toes without waking them!

teeter along a seesaw walk way

find our way around the trickiest high rise maze
to make it to the plinth in the centre for the right to be queen of the castle

To find our way to the centre of the kingdom at the fairy queens palace where we had a royal feast of Fairy sweets (blueberries to mere mortals) and fairy cakes (bananas)

We called in to visit a fairy friend at home
before we went off in pursuit of the impressive and beautiful Fairy people carrier (a male pheasant)

Alas he was feeling very shy today and hide behind the trees!
We wandered down a mystical path and found ourselves looking at this impressive view

which led us to the wondering of what does this hill we are stood on look like from the top of that hill over there!

We set off across the mountain range to find out! (trust me we have climbed a mountain so we know when we are exaggerating!)

To discover that this is what the first hill looks like from the top of the second hill. We also discovered that the second hill is much more amazing for hill rolling!

Up and down the hills and back through the woods we found ourselves here climbing the tallest totem poles in the world!

Before needing to swing across the wild ravines to safety. After this there were some wild adventures involving the necessity to build ourselves a shelter to hide whilst the goblins and trolls had a mud fight. Which we did get a little caught up in but it didn't take long to sort

Of course we needed to use magic in the form of several fairy wipes!

Still we know we have not had a good day if we come home without any cuts/scrapes or mud on us. This was a day when we both came home with mud on us- thank you to the goblins and trolls! And there were a couple of scrape along the way but nothing so serious as to stop us from planning our next trip already..................

Would you like to have your own magical adventure, all you need is a trip to Box Hill in Surrey and a sprinkling of imagination!

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