Sunday, 25 May 2014

Elsa dress up

Stephanie along with thousands of other little girls is very into Frozen at the moment. she has asked for an Elsa dressing up dress, not even the Disney website are stocking them at the moment, although I did hear  a rumour the other day that the local Disney store had them in stock. However, Disney dress up is eye wateringly expensive starting at around 330 for a dressing up dress. So I got some material and made her one. It cost me about £8.00 in material and  4 hours of my time. Stephanie hasn't seen the finished product yet, although she did see it at the nearly complete stage. I can't wait to give it to her;

the dress

dress and cloak. I may need to adjust the cloak, I won't know until she tries it all on, but it is a small 5 minute job.
Stephanie' won't get this beautiful dress for a few days as I am picking her up in a short while and we are off on our holidays, somewhere in the South West- I will tell more when we are home again.
We are still trying to empty our freezer so Dylan and I made a pack up for the journey using up little bits and bobs;
There are chicken goujons, fish fingers, veggie fingers, veggie hotdogs and garlic bread tucked away in those two boxes.

 I also made some cakes for us to take with us, well cakes cost a lot when you are out and about. I made plain sponge cakes and lemon cakes. I made them different sized for Stephanie as she doesn't like the lemon ones so I wanted to be able to easily tell the difference when they are in the tin I received for free

All safe and snug and ready to go.

I doubt I will have signal to post while we are away so I am going to leave you with this picture of my water baby not quite getting the point of the dodge the sprinkler game in b&q!

Happy holidays!

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