Sunday, 1 June 2014

Devon snaps

Just to share a few pictures from our holiday. We had such a great time that I had Stephanie sad face sat next to me all the way home as she didn't want to leave! LOL

Some of the stunning views from various hills in Ilfrascombe. Lot's of do we have to climb up there mum, but they enjoyed the views as much as I did once we were at the top lol

These are some shots of the Ilfrascombe aquarium, it is a small aquarium that shows only fish native to the area. The staff were very friendly and answered Stephanie's questions and explained lots of different things to her. It cost £10 in total for the 3 of us to go in.
At Exmoor zoo, it was a little bit of a rainy day so coats on hoods up! Off we went. you can get really close to the animals here, it was a fantastic little zoo.

At the Linton and Barnstaple railway. This little railway is trying to fix up the line so that I t runs further. At the moment it is a 2 mile round trip. We got off at the other end and had a short wander around. The line has potential once it is completed but currently is in the early stages. There wasn't a huge amount at the other end to occupy the children so really you are just going for a 2 mile round trip. We wandered along some country lanes and across fields but still didn't find much- other than cow pat and the resulting discussion surrounding this lol.

This has turned into a longer blog post than I had intended already. I shall leave it there and post some more pictures etc later. There are a couple more things from our holiday I want to share :-)


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