Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Take 5 minutes out

Today has been a get ready for tomorrow kind of a day. We are going on holiday tomorrow, camping for a couple of weeks. Several destinations around the South of England. I will let you know where we are if I can get a signal as we go. My lovely sister is coming to housesit and to take care of our plants while we are away. So today has seen us taking Dylan to the orthodontist, filling the car, checking tyre pressure etc. ready for the long drives. And collecting a few last minute things which we should have already done, truth be told but its summer holidays we can be lazy if we want, right??! We had to pop out to get a map of the areas we are heading to, and the children have both outgrown their willies- why do they have to do this at the same time?
 So we found what we needed. While we were at the shops we found they were having a craft session. We do have a lot to do what with finishing packing etc. but we took 5 minutes out. Ok nearer 15 for Stephanie to join in :-)

It was a pirate theme craft, todays item was a parrot. I love how children immediately take something which has the potential to all be the same and make it their own. Every child started with the same basic picture, it was a print out of a parrot. They made them their own by dividing up into colours where the picture didn't 'dictate'. I love that. Hate when you see loads of children's pictures and you can't tell one from another. Stephanie loves her parrot- she named it Polly.

Here she is testing out Polly's tail feathers in the wind. Apparently they looked like they were dancing and that is just the look a pretty parrot needs!!

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