Sunday, 10 August 2014

what's a girl to do when an ex hurricane passes by??

Today it was very wet and windy soon after we got out of bed. We had been planning to go to a castle but upon looking out the window we decided a rainy and windy day means a craft day. We watched the thunder and lightning then Stephanie disappeared up to her bedroom and came back down with her rainy day book. I think we should do this and this and this and this as the list came out. Eventually she settled on some paper plate weaving, Whilst I dug out the paper plates Stephanie went and raided my yarn stash.

"I need all of these ones" she declared as she put them on the table. Then she got started;

I decided to sit alongside her and join in .

Once Stephanie declared weaving was complete for the day I supported her to make a hospital for her soft toys with an old shoe box

The only real casualty was my foot when Stephanie dropped the Stanley knife, nothing that couldn't be fixed with a plaster though.

Then we had a message inviting us round to see my aunt's new puppies born last night;

Such cute little bundles of fluff. Seven of them in total and Mummy dog is an absolute star with them all.

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