Saturday, 13 December 2014

We're in.

Sorry for the silence these last few weeks, we have been rather busy with moving home and a lack of internet has made it difficult to keep up with the blogs I enjoy reading as well as posting here.
The house is almost straight. My father in law and Dylan are currently in the middle of boarding out the attic for me so that I can use that as a storage space. The living room is straight. The dining room as almost straight. Stephanie's room is ready for use as is Dylan's. Just my room to finish organising currently it is the storage space so until the attic is finished it will remain a bit messy.

We are in and loving the new house. It feels like home and has since the day we move in. I have a few little bits to do- pictures and mirrors to hang and then it will be done. I am struggling with the concept that Christmas is in less than 2 weeks- I still have present to make/buy. We also have a few nights away booked before the big day. Hmm as always busy busy busy here. This evening my niece and nephew have come for a sleepover.

We also have Jane the elf come to visit us from Father Christmas's workshop. She hasn't been very mischievous this year. So far she has put up the Christmas tree, made snow angels  on the Christmas side, spelt her name in cereal, and left us peppermint seeds to plant which grew into candy canes. I wonder what she will do next!

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