Saturday, 14 February 2015


Food shopping is becoming more and more expensive every week. We are living on a meal plan which I write at the beginning of the month, based on the food I already have in and then anything I can get cheap when I shop. I then shop on the weekend to buy things which are perishable- milk, fruit and veg etc. Today was one of those days where I needed lots of fruit. I have had many people tell me that I should try shopping in Aldi as opposed to my choice of the 'big 4 supermarkets'. As I was in the nearest town which has an Aldi I decided to pop in. I was running late for Stephanie's swimming lesson this morning (forgot to set an alarm!) so I didn't have a list. I knew I needed fruit and veg so I picked up the bits and pieces I needed of these. I didn't need any cupboard staples so I didn't buy any but did peek at the prices. I don't think the prices are any different from the bits I would usually buy in the supermarket, although I have been told they are massively different. Perhaps, this is because I do no t buy brands I stick to the value range mostly.

This is my shopping

I have;
 a bag of 4 yellow peppers
1 cucmber
2 bags of carrots
3 bags of bananas (they only had bags of 3!)
1 pack of tomatoes
bag of salad leaves (they had no whole lettuces)
1 bag of satsumas
1 punnet of grapes.

The prices of these vegetables were very similar to those I buy in the normal supermarkets.

I also bought 3 packets of Easter lollies for 99p each- they are for my class before they go off on their Easter holidays.

As you can see my total shopping came to £11.36 if you take away the Easter shopping then I spent £8.39 on my food shop. Not hugely different- although I was not tempted by buying things just because they looked like a good offer which does happen when I go to the big supermarkets. I may resort to the little shops from Aldi- especially when I have weeks like this one where I need to stretch out the last few pounds in the bank account due to some unexpected spending to the monthly budget. I definitely wouldn't be able to do my weekly shop there as there is not the range of products and the meat didn't look very differently priced, most of our meat is bought in the yellow stickers section of the supermarket and so is lot cheaper anyway.


  1. We shop at Aldi, especially for dog food which we stock up on when they do a £5 off voucher in the paper. We stock up on a lot of basic/value stuff at T's as well but if anything is the same price as a big supermarket we always buy Aldi as it's better quality. We also find the fruit and veg at Lidl the best quality out of all the supermarkets but Aldi tend to have more offers on.

    1. Ah I see ty, maybe I'll try some of the Aldi things. We don't have a Lidl near here to try them :-)