Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bucket list

Stephanie asked to go and see Matilda as one of her birthday presents. So I booked up two tickets and on Friday after school we headed off together on the train to London.

We made our train with seconds to spare- we would still have had time to get there on the next train had we missed it, but it was nice not to have to wait around.

I told Stephanie she could have anything she wanted for dinner as part of her birthday treat. This was her choice;
From here we headed to the tube station to find our way to Covent Garden, the show is at the Cambridge Theatre near there. We used the maps app on my phone to find the theatre- Stephanie was very impressed by this! LOL

Once we had found the theatre we wandered around for a while as we had time to spare, watching people and looking at many of the buildings. It was soon time to wander back to the theatre. 

I treated Stephanie to a slush drink and she spent some of her birthday money on a cop y of the book and a bookmark. We sat in the bar area awaiting the doors to open nattering and then reading her book.

Soon it was time to take our seats. We were very high up! As you can see I had an exceptionally tall man in front of me which made it tricky to see, I had to keep leaning one way and then the other to see what was happening and could only really see half of the stage at a time. However, I still really enjoyed the show. Even though I know the story very well- I read it lots as a child and desperately tried to move things with my eyes I was still left with a sense of oh my goodness what's going to happen next throughout!
When the show finished Stephanie and I agreed it was amazing and we would definitely  recommend to others. Although Stephanie has asked if we go to that theatre again could we please have front row seats as she had to sit on two booster cushions to be able to see. LOL

Once we came out of the building we saw lots of these;

Image result for bike taxis london

I asked how much to take us to a tube station and was told £10. I decided to go for it as dinner had cost less than I had expected due to Stephanie's choice and I had only spent a small amount in the theatre. It was fantastic. Stephanie was like a little princess. Well that is until a black cab cut us up and then started to shout at our driver. Our driver was fantastic and said I have a child in the back please take care I am not arguing with you. Still the cab driver continued to shout (we were at traffic lights). My driver reiterated he had a child and was not going to argue. He turned his back and checked that Stephanie and I were ok. To my utter disbelief the cab driver started to then shout at me "what the **** are you doing in that anyway I means what's the point etc etc" I said "because I have a sense of fun and would rather give my money to someone with manners". then turned away thank fully the lights finally changed and we went our separate ways. 

Stephanie promptly said "was he one of the mean people you say live in the world mummy?" I assured her that sometimes people say mean things when they have a bad day but we mustn't let his bad day affect our fantastic one. I thanked our driver for the ride and assured him we were fine by the encounter and appreciated his way of dealing with it and disappeared down into the busyness of the tube station to find our train home.

A selfie as we travelled through London in our bike taxi.

A fantastic evening and another item off of the bucket list!


  1. What a wonderful birthday treat for Stephanie. Shame about the rude driver.

    1. It was a fabulous evening. I am being told that we need to save to go to a different show :-)