Friday, 17 April 2015

Garden birds

I have been amazed since we moved here by the amount of birds that visit our garden. Loads come daily and hop about the floor. It is fantastic to sit in the garden it is so peaceful and all you can hear is the birds cheep cheeping at each other. Yesterday my neighbours very kindly gave us some of their excess bird feeders and a little food to put in some of them. Stephanie helped me to hang up those with food in our trees straight away.

I've been pottering about in the dining room for an hour or so this morning, the feeders haven't yet been used that I am aware of. I have seen lots of birds hopping about the floor feeding on whatever they find in the grass. I have seen lots of dunnocks, collared doves and starlings. I am not goin ot pretend to be knowledgeable about this. The lovely neighbours also gave us a book to help with identification.

I've been putting this to good use!

I still have these feeders to fill up, 

When I go shopping next I will buy some more food and see if I can identify more of the birds which come visiting.

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