Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Garden update

It's all beginning to look rather green and busy in the garden. Remember when it looked like this when I moved in?

It now looks like this:

Peas and radishes sharing a bed

red and white onions


just planted carrot seeds

There is also a picture of another 2 beds- one I have divided up into nine to make smaller beds, with mixed salad, and spinach in. I am going to plant more cut and come again type veggies in there too to fill up the empty sections and the final bed will have French beans in it once I have planted them. I love the planted beds which i made all they cost in the end was a packet of screws and a £5 pot of wood treatment to help them to last longer.

I also love how the flowers have just sprung up across the grass, it looks very pretty. I had to be very careful when cutting the grass as I didn't ant to cut the flowers I did loose a few but the majority survived.

The view as I sit here typing:

It's glorious and all I can hear are the birds singing all day long. I love our new home :-)

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