Sunday, 19 April 2015

Where have the holidays gone?

Wow the holidays seem to have marched by in haste! I feel very relaxed and have enjoyed our time off but it is over too quickly.

I have been thinking lots today about how much we have crammed into the last two weeks. Here are some of the pictures I have taken to give you a little glimpse;

Robot building

 playing with new cousins

 Residing in a hotel before a BIG race


Enjoying the sun


Wildlife watching

Flowers for my mum's birthday

Simple food

Family walks

Tree climbing

Water fun

Easter egg hunting

Clue finding

All together- MEMORY MAKING!!

Back to school tomorrow to recharge our batteries, not long until the bank holiday weekend, 5 weeks until the next half term. In those 5 weeks we have lots of learning to do, birthdays to be had, exams to be taken. How did my babies get so big, so fast?!