Saturday, 13 June 2015

feed the birds...

Tuppence a bag!

The birds love our garden! We quite like the birds as well. We have our selection of bird feeders out and refill regularly, admittedly not as regularly as the birds would like. It is amazing the speed at which they can empty a large seed feeder!

We have peanut feeds, tiny seed feeders, mixed seed feeders, fat ball holders, and fat ball slab holders. They eat the lot!

Stephanie and I have spent time making different bird food recently. I realised I would spend a fortune on the fat food balls/slabs so we tried to make our own.

We made a small one to test, the birds loved it so we will be making more of these. It started as a hanging fat ball, but fell off the string in the tree, so I placed it in there.

We threaded popcorn on string and hung these in the tree. They were demolished in a few hours.
Stephanie wanted a bird table, so we used some bricks from the top of the garden and a clean flat plant tray. She filled it with some more of the popcorn. The birds loved that!

Is there anything the birds don't like??!!

Do you feed the birds, what do you feed them with, do you make your own?


  1. Rolling a pine cone in peanut butter and then bird seed is always a favourite.

    They also like coconuts, hang out one half and watch them go to town on it.


  2. We purchased coconut shells and redo them all the time, makes it easier and it does not drop out. We have loads of starlings who clear out the feeders.

  3. Well done for making bird food, we put out scraps but mainly buy food - but everything has to go in squirrel proof containers. Clever little devils, they sometimes even get into them! We get a wide variety of birds - but the paraquets are starting to increase in numbers and will stop off and eat all they can, especially when the berries on the trees start forming.