Thursday, 9 July 2015


What everyone has been talking about at the moment is the new budget released by our glorious government.

I was talking with friends the other day and said I feared that this would hit my little family hard when it was made public.
Today Elaine over at mortgagefreeinthree posted a budget calculator link, I had a quick moment to fill in the details. I didn't want to but the sooner I face up to it the quicker I can deal with the outcomes. So a few taps and clicks and I am going to be £1456 a year worse off, so that comes to around £30 a week, Fabulous! I knew it wouldn't be good news.  So as Elaine says 'Bog Girl Pants' need pulling up high (a little warmth perhaps through the winter!)

I need to get into the frugal mindset even more now as there just isn't any 'play cash' now. Just living expenses to only just cover, expect to see a whole load more No Spend Days marked off over here

How does the budget affect you? What will you need to change to survive it?

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