Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Battle of Britain memorial flight

I was going to blog today to keep you updated with the bedroom redecoration. However, whilst I was painting around the window I looked out and spotted a formation of planes flying towards us. I remembered it was the Spitfires as part of the Battle of Britain memorial flight today. I called the children and ran to the garden with my phone. Stephanie was completely bemused by my insistence that she waves at the planes but did then asked why they were special.

I explained loosley the battle of britain to her and why I feel it is important. That if all of those brave people hadn't thought we would not have the lives and opportunities that we have. We then had a google and I showed her some more information. She sort of understands now why I felt it important to point out the planes to her and the importance of today's flight. It was quite sweet a little while later as her cousin has come up to play and have dinner here and Stephanie excitedly asked her is she had seen the 'War planes' was trying ot explain it all to her. 

I think it is so important that we share the significance of these to our children so that they never forget.

Are any of you lucky enough to be on one of the flight path's today?

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  1. They flew past us, but we did not get to see them, which was a shame.