Saturday, 15 August 2015

We do love...

a beach day!

Whilst we were staying with my sister we went to the beach where I spent a lot of time with the children when I lived there. I love this beach for its simplicity. It is sandy so you can build and dig, when the tide is going out/coming there are plenty of shallow areas for playing in, there are walks if you wish, there are toilets and an ice cream stand oh and a morrisons if you wish! That is it no rides, no arcades- BLISS.

We went fir a family picnic there last week. The tide was out when we got there, way out! So we ate our lunch and went for a walk. We planned on going to the dinosaur island (really called Little eye) but once we got there the children wanted to keep going so we went to the next island (Middle eye). We walked to the end of that island, we had so much fun getting there that we needed to set back before we got to the main island, Hilbre Island as the ticket was about to expire on the parking.

 None of us girls had shoes on, it was interesting to feel the different surfaces under foot, this grass was springy and squishy.

 we walked on sand

Through water wehere there were tiny little fish darting about and tickling our toes!
We used stones as stepping stones across rock pools where we could see crabs darting about
we found and shared treasure along the way
and we made sand angels.

The time went so fast, next time we will get there earlier/ put more money on the parking machine. What a fantastic day. So much to do on a little trip to the beach.

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