Saturday, 6 February 2016

An appreciated present

Remember I said that I had booked Stephanie a block of 6 ice skating lesson for her Christmas present? I am very relieved to say that she has loved them.
I was apprehensive as to how she would take to them- I know from experience that ice hurts when you fall on it!

Her first lesson she was (understandably) nervous, she had never been on the ice before. By the time her half hour lesson finished she was hooked! It turns out that after her half hour she then gets to go on the ice for the public skate session which is several hours long. We have been at the ice rink for around two hours after each lesson whilst she skates with the friends she has made there. I now take a book with me! Oh and several layers of clothes, it's cold as a spectator. I wear my snow coat and still feel a little chilly.

To have the lessons they get given boot covers. I wraped them up and gave them to her on Christmas day, look at her confused face!

During her first lesson

Bruise! from falling over.

There is just one lesson left, she found out today that she has earned a certificate and will receive that during her final lesson next week.

The lessons have been super value at a cost of £60 for 6 it turns out it is cheaper than taking her for a public skate (which she gets included in the price!) To go for a public skate it is £11 including skate hire.So I am now trying to work out if there is anyway I can book her on for another set of 6 lessons. Finances to work out!

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