Sunday, 27 March 2016

Beautiful bank holiday

We decided to have a day out on Friday. The children were due to go to their Dads on Saturday and spend their Easters there. Stephanie decided she liked the idea of going down to Whitstable. Believe it or not, we have never been there! It's not far from here but we have never been.

We tried to park up in several car parks but by the time we got there they were full. Eventually we happened upon a little side road parking space. It was a short walk from the seafront but it was worth it. We walked through one of the full car parks to get to the beach- at 90p an hour that would have added up as we spent a good 5 hours there.

I had heard that the weather wasn't meant to be nice so we wore lovely warm clothes- long sleeved tops trousers etc ready for the sea chill. It was a beautiful sunny, windless spring day! We were toasty warm! We found a spot on the beach and paddled a little together, explored shells then Stephanie spent some time wandering the Groynes. We ate our packed lunch, a short wander through the town before deciding actually we were enjoying the beach so we headed back there.

It was a very chilled relaxed day. We treated ourselves to an ice cream. They should have been £3 but I paid £2.40 as it was all the change I had and the ice cream man didn't want any more notes- he said he was that desperate for change I could pay him whatever coins I had in my purse! LOL

At the end of the dy we wandered back through the harbour intending to get some fish & chip sto nibble before we went home. The fish stands were all sold out and packing up and the chip stands had the longest queues we have ever seen, we both decided that we didn't want chips enough to stand  in those.

 Contemplating the world after walking 'the plank'
building a wall out of pebbles.

A stunning day out which we thoroughly enjoyed, costing the princely sum of £2.40 for ice creams, and a little petrol. The needle on the car moved  about 1/8 of a tank. I filled up just before we left from virtually empty. It cost £32 to fill the car so I make that about £4 worth of petrol. Our day out cost a grand total of £6.40.

How did you spend your Good Friday?

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