Monday, 19 April 2010

a new house

We moved! wow that went quick!

We had a phone call on monday evening last week to ask us to come and view a house, we moved in on Saturday. So shocked and pleased, we now have a bedroom each and Stephanie has settled straight in to her room I was worried, unnecessarily it seems, how she would react to sleeping in her own room after spending the past 4 years charing with me.

We also have a garden, its small so will not bw growing our own vegetables in it unless they can survive in pots, but we can fit in larger pots than we had on the flat windowsills.

We also seem to have no heating,I Just cannot get it to work. Neighbour has had probs with his which a visit to the builders a couple of houses up fixed for him, so hopefully I can catch a builder tomorrow to fix mine. Its ok in the day but by night it is FREEZING in here! I didnt appreciate how cosy my flat got.

Have spent past couple of days unpacking and am very pleased to say I am nearly there, must buy a loft ladder so I can place things such as christmas decs up there and clear under my bed/ corners of rooms of the boxes I just can't find anywhere else for.

My mission for tomorrow is to get on with my uniwork. My bedroom is big enough for me to have a kind of office at one end of it-so no excuses really. Off for an early night to try and catch up on lost sleep from my non stop weekend!

oh and yes I have been told you cannot catch up on lost sleep ;-) but surely it doesn't hurt to try!


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