Sunday, 9 May 2010

Alovely family day

I finally have for you the picture of the vegetable patch the children and I made in the garden, can you see our little plants growing there? We have carrots in the top left, then its american cress, then the first shoots of the peppers, and then one or two onion shoots down in the bottom left. the raspberry plant looking good so far in the bottom right.

I think tomorrow I am going to plant some lettuces in the space to the top right. I also need to sort out the thin veg ptch next to the shed and get the peas planted out. I want to move the tomato plants as well, they are in the yoghurt pots in the bottom of the pic, I think I am going to plant them into hanging baskets and attach the baskets to the shed.

We went for a walk around a local RSPB nature reserve how sweet do my little darlings look walking along together; will overlook their bickering which led to me announcing we were going out. All was forgotten after a little run, thank fully! We followed the set paths around the woods looking at different flowers, meeting dogs walking their owners and generally just a lovely couple of hours outside getting some fresh air together.

We also found some fungi/mushroom. We saw a very prettily displayed black one on a high up tree branch, i forgot at that point my camera was in my pocket. We then found this big one! unfortunately I do not have any knowledge of mushrooms so refrained from picking it, but it would be great to know if it was edible or not; I love the idea of finding and harvesting my own free food.

We made do with food that I got in the shops; when we got home we had a lovely roast dinner together

The house is finally starting to look tidy, there isn't very much left to unpack. I have a few little bits I want to do;
  1. put up spice racks- interesting have never done anything involving drilling before, but determined to learn!
  2. sort out shelves in tall kitchen cupboard- it needs 1 or 2 extras so it is less of a wased space
  3. sort out understairs cupboard- it has already become the dumping ground!
  4. build Stephanies new bed once it arrives tomorrow
  5. buy a loft ladder and use it to stash things such as christmas decs out the way!

During our lovely day and the 2 hours I spent ironing I have decided there are 4 main thing sI like about our lovely new house

  1. the washing line- my washing smells yum when it comes in off the line
  2. the space, we can all be in different rooms doing our own thing if we want
  3. the outdoor growing space, ok small but better then we had
  4. Dylan can go out and play with friends as it is relatively quiet here and there are children roughly the same age.

Eco wise I have not done anything significant this week, our crops are too small to harvest, I missed the order deadline for the veg box, but have ordered one to be delivered this coming Thursday. I have however managed to finish my degree. I got my dissertation mark which I am ecstatic about, I don't think my overall degree classification will be in the same league, but well can't have everything now can we!

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