Monday, 10 May 2010

a little drilling!

I decided today that I was brave enough to attempt to put up shelves, well spice racks and a utensil rack in the kitchen. I am very pleased with the results, so am posting just so I can show you!
Am going to get another utensil rack and another one or two spice racks (need to work out if i need 1 or 2) next time we go to ikea.
Stephanie and I also planted some more seeds in the garden. We have added lettuce, chanteney carrots, and french beans. We also transferred the pea plants to the growing bed. We have now ran out of garden space for planting. I aam going to transfer the dwarf tomato plants to the hanging baskets and hang on the shed. I also have 2 empty planters so will fill those with something. We also saw potato plant bags in argos the other day and am thinking of giving those a go.
I must find out where the best place to get a compost bin from is. So my eco challenge for this week is to organise a compost bin as am very shocked by how much that goes in my bin could be composted.

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