Sunday, 23 May 2010

child labour?

We have had a lovely weekend away with family for my gorgeous niece Sophie's birthday. This is a pic of her and her rather yummy and unusual brithdya cake. My sister made it with wholemeal flour, she never uses white since she made a crumble with wholemeal. It was so nice I am going to get some wholemeal and try it myself.

When we got home we did some gardening; Stephanie helped me to cut the grass, then both Dylan and Stephanie helped to rake the cut grass and put it into the compost bin. I need to get some more blades fr the lawn mower as I broke four doing about 1/3 of our little garden. So will be off to b&q in the morning to get some more so I can finish the job. Although I am feeling a bit concerned that my garden may look bald when we have finished, as the small amount I have cut is looking a little patchy already.
Stephanie is so impressed with the dress I made her we had to take it to my sisters house and Ang had to wash it while we were there so Stephanie could wear it again- we were only there for 2 nights! So I have just sat and cut out the pattern peices for her pink dress she has chosen. I have brought rather a bit much fabric, I have enough to make 2 dresses. Will consider what to do with the other half of the fabric another time. I need to find a local shop with a larger selection of fabric, the shop I love in Rochester sells lots of fabrics good for patchwork peices but not so great for clothes. The shop in Chatham has a small selection of coloured fabrics but no great patterns.

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