Sunday, 30 May 2010

Lots of started, but not yet finished bits!

I have had a fairly busy week, with sorting through all sorts of things in the bedrooms and decluttering- there are lots of things which we do not use so I have sorted through them and boxed them up ready to take them to a bootfair in a couple of weeks time. The idea being that the money raised is spending money for our holiday.

The pictures above show work in progress on the charm quilt I am attempting to make.

This is on our daytrip to Legoland where we had a LOT of fun.

This is number 2 of the dresses I have mde this summer for Stephanie. It isn't showing up too well but the middle has gorgeous beadingon it; the beads are like fake crystals. Stephanie loves it so much that she wore it to her dads yesterday and made him wash it last night so that she could wear it again today.

I'm so impressed with how lovely the dress was, with some prompting from other mums I know I am making more with the aim of selling them. I need ot research online stores where I may be able to do this. I have found one called etsy and want to look up more and then decide the most suitable one. The picture above shows the begininngs of the first dress I am hoping to sell.

Here we have a cake I made earlier I am planning to ice and decorate as a special treat.
These are one of Stephanie's favourite snacks at the moment. They are cheese whirls based on nannys recipe. I have used here wholemeal flour as a change, so will be interesting to see what fusspot --I mean Dylan-- will make of them when he comes home tomorrow.
This is my dinner for tonight; healthy- definately not. Tasty and an unusual treat for us- definately.
My mission for myself this week is to finish some projects before I take on any more. The charm quilt for obvious reasons will not be completed, bearing in mind how much work will be required to do this, and it is half term which means lots of fun out playing with the children. For tonight I plan on decorating the cake.


  1. I love the quilt, I have all the bits to make Maxi one, but I am suffering from Time Debt!!

  2. TMH thankyou- it is very slow going to make it, but I started the quilt expecting it to take a while. I do most of it sitting outside the school waiting for ds to come out.