Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lots of little bits and bobs

I have now got lots of work in progress. I have a half made dress for Stephanie, I forgot to buy the zip, so can't finish it until I have been to the sewing shop again. The pic above shows my cheeky madam wearing her half made dress!

She really likes the dress and has asked me to go and get the zip so I can put it in and she can wear her dress. I was worried when I was making it I thought it might be a too big, but when she wore it there is room for her to grow, but not too much so it can be worn.

My first attempt at embroidering with my lovely new sewing machine, its not as easy as I thought it would be, takes rather a lot of practice to get the movements at a good even speed, practice makes perfect! So I better prectice.

This is the design I plan on embroidering onto kitchen chair covers and on placemats. I have made the insides of the chair covers, upcycling my old flat pillows, which are just the right thickness for padding out the kitchen chairs. I now need to buy some fabric to cover them, I also want to make the placemats in the same fabric. Am planning on going down to root through charity shops tomorrow to see if I can find anything to upcycle which might fit the bill.

The hexagon stash is growing as well, I know have 204, so only 969 to go! I still am not entirely sure how I will peice it all together, I am tempted to choose one of my favourite hexagons as a centre and then spiral out from there until I have a more definate approach. So far I have one firm favourite, I also think it will be Stephanies favourite as it is a rainbow, made from the offcuts of her dress I managed to accidently, but brilliantly make a rainbow, which at the moment is one of her favourite things, with a request for a rainbow bedroom when I eventually get started on the decorating.

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