Friday, 14 May 2010

decision made

After pulling my sewing machine apart and cleaning it. It still is not working right, so I contacted the company recomended to me yesterday which does servicing etc for sewing machines, and it was going to cost £45 to get it looked at, and then the cost of any repais/parts etc needed to get it going. So I have treated myself to new one, not the fandangled computerised one, but I do have one which can do free hand emroidery, I have yet to try it out. I have a child free afternoon/evening tomorrow so I will be giving it a go then.

Dylan has just counted my hexagons I now have 120 finished, so that leaves 1053 to go!
I need to print off some more of the paper templates as I have now run out of those. Also need to start thinking about how to peice them together/ pattern to make. I need to get more of the different prints/ colours sewn so that I can see them to make the decision I think. Or possibly I just need to scatter them all over the floora nd make a decision that way, this is a tried and tested method you know, very technical!

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