Thursday, 13 May 2010

oh bummer!

I found the material I bought 2 summers ago to make Stephanie a summer dress. So I decided I should start making the dress, got it all pinned and ready to cut out;
I started to sew it together and found that my sewing machine is not working properly, I am having lots of problems with the tension, I think it either needs servicing or replacing, bearing in mnd I have had it for 11 years. So I am going to phone around tomorrow and see how much it costs to have it serviced and see if that sorts out the problems. If that is too much money I will have to look at a new machine, which I am secretly excited about, as I would really like a computerised one. However, I am unsure whether I can justify the money that one would costs. I could manage with an ordinary machine like I have already, but I would love the fancy one!

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