Wednesday, 12 May 2010

and I'm hooked!

last night I began making hexagins for my take on a charm quilt, I have sat tonight sewing the little squares of materials I cut out last night into little Hexagon shapes.

I now have 60 little hexagons look;

I want to go and get some different patterns and colours, so I feel a little shopping spree coming on in the morning. I have found I will need 1173 (?)hexagons so just over 1100 to go then.

Tomorrow we have a suprise coming; I ordered my veg box last week and missed the cutoff time to get delivery last thursday, so it is coming tomorrow instead. In the mean time I have forgotten what I ordered! so will be interesting to see what delights I have to eat the next week.

Talking of food I made a menu plan for our dinners to last the rest of the month, in th ehope that I stop forgetting to get the food out of the freezer, resulting in me going to the shop and buying more food.

Other things I keep forgetting are to change the address on things such as library, rewards cards (tesco/ nectar). I have today changed the address with the library, maybe tomorrow I'll remember the clubcard. Right now I am off to read one of the books I chose at the library.

oh and before I go you will be pleased (or maybe not!) I have ordered a compost bin and it should be with us by the end of the week.

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