Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Look I put this up this afternoon- am very impressed, I decided to give the DIY another try after the success of the spice shelves I put up in the kitchen. I am very pleased that its up, straight and full! It was rather heavy to hold and mark where the holes needed to be drilled at the same time.

I have also done a littel more sewing on the dress I started the other day, and have sewn more hexagons together for my charm quilt. I know have 6 flower shapes sewn together, I am aiming to have about 9 flowers in a row for my quilt so it is nice to see progress coming together.

Tomorrow Dylan is off out for the day with his friend, Stephanie and I are planning on going to play at a local indoor play centre, I would also like to get the zip I need for the dress and have that finished and a little more work on the charm quilt.

For now I am off to complete another unfinished project- reading my current library book!

Good night all

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