Thursday, 3 June 2010

I'm loving-

I received my new book today- I love it! It is simple to read, clearly laid out andhas some fantastic ideas in it. It contains information on different plants you can grow, no matte rthe space you have, It has some lovely looking recipes in- I am especially excited by the basic cordial recipe as it does not need to have citric acid in, which is in supermarket squashes and cordials and Stephanie happens to allergic to. I plan on trying out the recipe very soon to make a squash which she can have. There are also sections telling you enviromentally friendly cleaning products you require. I am only a quarter of a way through the book and very excited by it.

After spending a lovely afternoon catching up with a friend and letting our children play in her garden, I came home to sit in our garden and read my book. Things the book have me wanting to try since I picked it up
  1. making cordial
  2. another attempt at baking bread
  3. growing herbs
  4. growing fruit trees in pots
  5. cleaning with less chemicals

Pardon? you want to know where to buy this amazing book and what its title is? Wall seeing as you asked it is called "A slice of organic life"


A small update on the quilt, I have decided to sew my hexagons into flower shapes, which joins 7 hexagons at a time, then eventually I will join the flowers to make the quilt, or thats what I am hoping will happen. So far I have 7 of these little flowers made. So a way to go yet, but its definately progressing.

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