Tuesday, 8 June 2010

not much talking but lots of reading!

I have been absent from blog land for a few days, due to busy real life! I have done lots of reading about more eco changes we can make as a family. I have been reading about using herbal infusions to help medically with coughs/colds etc; as a result I am planning to grow some herbs. I have tried in the past but they were not successful- this could have been due to trying to grow them in my flats kitchen, the kitchen there never had a window. My kitchen in the house has a nice size windowsill, which will be good to grow some herbs on according to my new book.
Talking of plants my garden is looking good, my strawberries have small green strawberries on am feeling rather excited about the fruits to come.

Another interesting idea I have been reading about is that of not using the soaps and cleaners which I usually use that contain all sorts of harmful chemicals. I have been replacing my existing products with eco versions as necessary; which are much better for the environment. I have also discovered soapnuts.
also found more websites which say that you can use them for more than cleaning your clothes, you can use them to make a liquid to clean the home, as well as your body and hair. Sounds pretty amazing things, can't wait to get my free sample and try them out.

I have made another pretty little dress with the plan to selling it, I still haven't decided the best place to sell it yet. So will store it and hopefully make some more produce by the time I have decided.


  1. About the soapnuts, or soapberries (as they're sometimes called), you're right. They are the most fabulous re-discovery of our generation! These berries grow right on trees in China and India. Throw a few berries in a little wash bag, toss it in the washer, and they'll wash your clothes. Put a few berries in a quart jar of water, shake them up, and it's an all-natural cleaning solution. The solution is gentle enough not to irritate baby skin, but powerful enough to be used by some water treatment plants to cleanse grey water. Amazing! Thanks for pointing these berries out.


  2. thank you for the link, am checking that out now. By the time I recieve mine I should have plenty of ideas to do with them. :-)

  3. We still have a few of these in the kitchen cupboard