Saturday, 26 June 2010

relaxing day

Today has been an absolutely gorgeuos hot sunny day, after popping to the dump, taking Dylan swimming and stocking up on food for the next couple of weeks I sat in the garden to sew hexagons. Am very impressed with the progress I have made look;

Ok so it just looks like a strip at the moment, but I feel like I am finally making progress, patience is not a strong point for me, I want i t done now. I also have an idea for a picnic blanket made out of red and blue fabrics I want to get on with, but not until I have finished this.

Dylan and I went for an impromptu walk after dinner and collected lots of elderflowers, We now have more elderfower cordial brewing (what do you mean you don't brew elderflower cordial? well what do you call it then?). Dylan has plans for us to go and pick more flowers during the week so that we can make loads more, its his new favourite drink;

We also found a couple of damson trees looking very laden with fruit, lots of foraging to come this year as I have now found apple trees, pear trees, damson trees and I already knew where to find hundreds and hundreds of blackberries.
Tomorrow we are doing a bootfair with lots of old things we no longer use, all proceeds to go towards our summer holiday, only 5 and a half weeks to go.

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