Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Seeing how my garden is growing so well, my first lot of carrots are ready, I have peas and tomatoes growing well, the foliage from my potato plants is going well. With this first sniff of gardening success I a now wanting to grow more vegetables for when these ones are all gone.
To find information I have been trawling through the internet searching for things to plant which can (hopefullly!) feed us through the winter months.

so far I have come up with
spring cabbages which will be ready for harvest in around March.
If I plant cauliflowers now, they should be ready to harvest in Sept/October time.

So I continued looking for things to plant to feed us through November, December, January and February. Swede will apparently feed us up until January, so we will need to hibernate throughout the winter unless I can find some more which didn't need to be planted like hmm 3 months ago!

Maybe I should start planning for next year, whilst I am still sorting out this year- who knew gardening was so organised??!

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