Thursday, 1 July 2010

all excited

I went in my garden this morning and was very impressed with what I found look;

our first ripe raspberry- Stephanie tells me it was delicious!

Chilli peppers- think they are nearly ready

And these are the first peas of our only  one of the originally planted pea plants to survive the slugs- Stephanie also assures me they were deliciousThese tiny babies will be yellow peppers when they are ripe
We went to the dentist and Stephanie opened her mouth (clamped shut last time), sat in the chair by herself and let the dentist have a thorough look in her mouth even let the dentist give her a little POLISH. Wow she is getting so grown up. Both Dylan and Stephanie have perfectly healthy teeth, so very pleased with them. To celebrate I took them to the shop to choose a toy/ book each. Stephanie choose a craft set where she designs clothes for the cardboard dolls, she loved it. Dylan choose some lego.
Whilst in the town it would have been rude not to go in the fabric shop, so I bought the zips for the long awaited dining chair cushions. Stephanie also choose some fabric for a new dress and the lovely lady in the shop showed me how to make lovely summer dresses, am going to have a try at making one for Stephanie tomorrow while she is in nursery, if it goes well I will be making one for me in the gorgeous fabric I found for me.

So you see why I am excited, lots of yummy food in my garden growing for us to eat, and some lovely fabric and a fantastically easy dress to sew- well it sounded easy when the lovely lady explained it to me.

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