Sunday, 13 June 2010

time to start thinking about christmas

I have been reading my new favourite book again and have a head buzzing with ideas.

So far I want to;
1. plant lots of herbs
2. get a small holding complete with chickens/geese/cows
3. grow apple trees
4. plant some pretty flowers
5. Grow a christmas tree in a pot

Number 5 for me is the most exciting right now, I love christmas it is my favourite time of the year. I have always wanted to have real christmas tree, but have refused on the basis of it being a waste to cut a tree down for a few weeks of use before it is discarded. Growing one in a pot is an exciting compromise. I need to look into this more, but it seems perfectly feasable so far.

I also plan on starting to think about christmas presents for this year. I would like to give gifts people will appreciate this year. I don't buy for adults, with the exception of grandparents as the cost is just too huge. So for the children I want to find some gift which will be appreciated, am thinking of bowling/cinema tickets for my older neices and nephews this year. For the younger 2 I am not entirely sure yet perhaps something home made I need to think a lot more about this, luckily I have time yet.

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