Sunday, 20 June 2010

We're jamming

I love the way in this pic Stephanie was watching her feet, she loved looking at her foot prints in the sand

We had a lovely trip to the beach today. It was a bit windy and chilly, rained a little here and there but we refused to budge! We stayed until we had made our castle, then before we left Stephanie and Dylan demolished it themselves as they couldn't bear the thought of someone else doing it!

Then we got home and made some jam. W now have 5 jars of our very own jam to eat, and none of them  have lemon in- so Stephanie can enjoy it too

I have been looking through some preserving books I got from the library last week and I am very excited at the thought of filing up lots and lots of jars full of yummy sounding goodies.

on my list I want to try are;

green apple chutney

piccalilli ( I love piccalilli and really love the idea of making my own.)


lemon curd (YUMMY!)

dried apricot jam

apple and mint jelly

spiced mushrooms in vodka

blackberry jam

hedgerow jelly

roasted red pepper and chilli jelly

ok I will stop there before my enthusiasm carries me away! If I am to manage all of those from the list I will need to source some more jars, I have saved every jar my food has come in for the past year with the aim of making my own jams etc, but given that most of our food is made from scratch that doesnot amount to enough jars to complete that list, let alone the extended list if I hadn't shut the book.

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