Saturday, 19 June 2010

a lovely family day

Today we went PYO strawberrying, its was great, we have gone every year for the past couple of years since my lovely dad introduced us to the joys of picking our own. We picked 3kg of strawberries in about 15 minutes, there were seriously LOADS there. Am guessing the fact that it was very overcast had put off most other pickers. It absolutely heaved down when we were a couple of minutes away from the farm, but it didn't deter us. Tomorrow we will be making jam etc with the strawberries.

we went to this farm it was lovely, we are very excited that they do pick your own apples and pears later in the year. WE will definately be going back, they also have a lovely little farm shop selling veg's etc from the farm.

We sat down to watch our lovefilm dvd, and discovered that the TV is broken, not good news. I can't afford a new one right now. Dylan has very kidly allowed us to put his tv in the living room so that we could watch the film. I wonder if he realises it could be for a few weeks?

I made my own popcorn for us to eat while we watched the film, I have never done it before. Stephanie and Dylan polished the lot off before I got a chance to sit down

Still nevermind, next time I will just have to make more!!!

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