Friday, 18 June 2010

a little catch up

Quite a lot has happened here since I last blogged, and non eof it to do with our wannabe self-sufficient tendancies!
When we got home form school on Tuesday the children's suprise had arrived- it was their long awaited trampoline! It took me a long time to build it- boy was it hard work, but was determined to do it myself. It had been up 5 minutes and Stephanie fell on it hurting her leg. It was still causing her a lot of pain the next morning so we went to the hospital where she was x-rayed just to make sure there was no breaks etc. Luckily none but it meant our week was all messed up as she was having trouble walking so didn't go to nursery and I lost the one day I have to myself for the next few weeks. Nevermind at least she is ok.

We have done lots of crafts together as a family this week.
We also made some cakes, it was Dylans school years turn to make the cakes for the cake school, so we made a few extra for at home as well, the cake stall is on a Friday and as it was Englands second match today we decorated them in the spirit of the game;

We also bought some face paints, Stephanie painted my face for the match- doesn't it look great, a rather interesting interpretation of the flag! I did sneak upstairs in half time and cut out the other 3 covers for the dining chair seat cushions, need to find time over the weekend to sew them together, embroider them and buy the zips to finish them!
I have found time this week to browse a couple of other blogs, I have found one which I like and the owner seems to share my love of lists, perhaps even likes lists more than me, look at the List its amazing, I so want to make one of those. Not sure that I have that many items to place on my list, but I do have a fair few. Maybe I will attempt a list another day.

For those of you have followed me since the beginning and remember me saying one of my aims is to pay off some of my debts, well I have managed one! Ok so it is probably the smallest but its a start- my uni library fines are cleared, now need to sort out saving for a slightly larger one! I want at least one more paid off before my birthday.....

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