Friday, 16 July 2010

Food, clothes and gift for a baby!

Yesterday I was clearing out the fridge and found some fruit which needed using up so Stephanie and I set about makinf crumble. We have pear, apple, rhubarb. Then some mixed ones rhubarb and apple, pear and apple and pear and rhubarb. There was still some rhubarb left over and no topping (or small dishes!). SO have frozen the rhubarb as it is, will add more topping as required.

Then we worked on Stephanies new dress;
With the left over materials I made her a handbag before we left for nursery this morning. She loves it and ran in to show off her new outfit.
I have since made her a hairband out of a slither of left over material,

I have also begun work on a baby quilt for my newest nephew due to be born in August. I don't think my sister has discovered my blog yet- If she has she needs to turn away now!

I am planning on making several of these framed squares then using a pale blue material to join them all together. If it turns out as well as I hope I will be making another one for a friend whose baby is due in September. I will use pale green/yellow for hers, or other neutral colour I discover whilst out and about as she doesn't know what flavour baby she is getting.

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