Monday, 19 July 2010

family day out, eco inspiration and a soapnut decision!

Wow, we have had a very busy weekend and the pace won't slacken for a few days yet!

We went to the Kent Show yesterday and had a fantastic time. We watched the Hell Riders on their Wall of Death;
Why is it even though I knew they were going to ride the go-karts and motor bikes round the vertical walls it still made me jump??!

we watched the vintage tractor/ bus parades, watched the horse jumping, the children looked like this during most of this

Stephanie loved this music machine

WE even watched a fly over and demonstration of a spitfire. Was very good and slightly surreal as everyone was walking round the show ground chatting etc and all of a sudden everyone including children stopped to watch this

This was just some of what we saw at the show.We also learnt to make hamster treats, learnt about how bees/ wasps build their nests and their lifecycles. Just too much to describe it all. We have been for the past 3 years in a row and are yet to see eveything/ get bored there. I loved the eco-village section there were lots of ideas for being more eco; I have now fitted a reflector panel behind one of the living room radiators and would like to get some more before winter arrives. These reflect the heat back into the room rather than into the walls of the house. Thereby saving energy (and money!). We also got some sweets from Goody good stuff which are suitable for lots of allergies and vegetarian/ vegan diets. Unfortunately they do not cater for Stephanies citrus allergy, although this wasn't really that surprising. We also got a tub of munchy seeds from Munchy Seeds wso many yummy snacks to try.
Today we went for a picnic with my nephews and the children's auntie. Lots of excercise and was nice to catch up as have not seen them for a while. I really do need a picnic blanket that is easier to wash as a drink got spilt on the blanket and as it has a plasticky back it is still on washing trying to dry. So that is something else to add to my make it list, which is growing faster than I can make things.

Stephanie loves  to take pictures when we are about, I have lots on the camera which she has taken over the weekend.

Oh yes before I go I said I had made a soapnut decision didn't I. Well I have decided that soapnuts are not for us, I don't feel the clothes are coming out the wash clean with them. I ended up soakign clothes, spraying them with nasty stain removing chemicals and re washing them to get them clean. Even them they were not as clean as I would like. So I have reverted back to my original choice of using Simply washing tablets.

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