Friday, 23 July 2010

home grown and home made

This is Stephanies caterpillar- she learnt the 'recipe' at nursery and has shown both me and Dylan how to make them. These are the new favourite dessert in our house!
This is a variation of the fruit bugs- can you guess its a ladybird, Stephanie thought of how to make this all by herself
This oddly shaped beauties are the rainbow carrots we have grown- they may be slightly mishapen, but htey taste great!

This is an apron I made and Stephanie has decorated, I love they way she has made a picture of the flowers complete with blue sky and sun. Also love the stories she tells as she was creating her masterpiece.

This here is my latest masterpiece! Yup I have completed the quilt top for my sisters baby, I have found a lovely cot sheet I am going to use for the backing, its soft and snuggly and just perfect for the baby. Also fits into my eco credentials as it means I am for the first time using an upcycled piece in my sewing. This is something I would like to do more.

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