Sunday, 5 September 2010

A little catch up post

Wow its been a while! I am shocked at how ling it is since I last blogged. Since I last blogged we have been to stay at my sisters and met my knewest nephew- he is gorgeous. The blanket was well recieevd, my sis was very shocked when I said I had made it myself.

Dylan has started secondary school, Stephanie has started primary school, and so far they both enjoy it of course Stephanie has only done two days and Dylan has done one so there is time for change, but I hope so.

After our swim this morning we went for a walk through the woods and gathered this little lot;

Some blackberries but the bushes are starting to empty, I got loads of damsons and the trees were fully loaded, there are a handful of elderberries there were more but I couldn't get to them and then I got some windful pears again the trees were laden of them so will be going back to collect some more over the next few weeks.
With this little haul I made some Forest Fruits Jam, I also followed some recipes for preserving some of the pears in jars and a couple of jars of preserved damsons.
I seem to have a LOT of jam in my cupboard so need to find other ways of preserving fruit, I found preserving the damsons whole into the jars easy, I decided to quarter the pears before preserving them into their jar as I only have small jars.

This is what I have managed to preserve today. I don't have many empty jars left in the drawer so need to get collecting again.

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