Saturday, 11 September 2010

ones persons junk...........

is another persons treasure!

So very true the chidlren's grandparents are moving home in the next couple of weeks. I was over today helping to sort through their many items of stored treasure. Whilst I was shocked at how much they have accumalated over the years it was also veyr interesting. Between the 3 of us helping them to sort through things we managed to home a fair bit. My treasures were these;
2 lovely blue table lamps for my bedroom

and this;

fabric, the photograph doesn't really do it justice it is a pale yellowish backgraound with the pattern in a very pale blue almost silvery colour. Absolutely gorgeous.
I am going to use it to make curtains for my bedroom. This is just one of many projects I have planned for my house.

I also have the promise of more fabrics that nanny has bought and never got round to dong anything with, when she finds them.

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