Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow day!

Yes here in Kent the world was brought to a standstill for approx. 2 nches of snow. Both of the children's schools have shut for the day so we had no choice but to stay home and play.

we made snow angels

and a snowman

we went to the park sledging.
Then once we got back and warmed up I did some of the jobs around the house which have been waiting for months for me to do. I made;
  1. Stephanie's new dressing gown, she is very pleased with it.
  2. sorted through a bag of clothes I was given for Stephanie
  3. I tacked down the edging of the laminate floor
  4. I hung my mirror on the wall
  5. and i made this:
Yep, my very own draft excluder. It is made from left over fleece and is stuffed with old pillow innards and scraps of fleece. So not only is it eco helping to keep the drafts out, it is recycled too. Not bag huh?

Ok I know its far from the prettiest draft excluder you ever will find, but it does the job and cost me nothing!

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