Friday, 3 December 2010

A lovely new bag!

I started sewing my hexagon quilt together again this week, what with the enforced stay home due to the snow. I found a problem though- my bag I had been storing them in since I started back in the summer, has become someone un-bag-like.
So to find a solution to the problem where did I turn? that's right GOOGLE- how did we survive before the internet?
Anyway I looked through ots of sites until I found something I liked that looked as though it would work for my sewing problem when I found this site; changing bag I thought fab! its just what I need I'l over look the fact it is designed as a nappy bag because the pockets are useful and it looks good.
Next I went through my fabric stach and found the beautiful floral fabric I ordered from here Stefanie at etsy back in the summer. Armed with the printed pattern and the fabric I made this;

I LOVE it! it looks slighty orangey in the picture, it is actually my fav colour- red. I am so impressed with the bag I need to find a more weatherproof material so that I can make one as my handbag!

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