Wednesday, 8 December 2010

a little treat!

I decided a few years back that I didn't want my children to see advent as getting chocolate out of a calendar each day, the chocolate being the excitement rather than getting ready for christmas. So I got them a reusable advent calendar each and I fill it each year with little treats, such as christmassy hair clips etc. A few years ago (pre-Stephanie) I got Dylan a small christmas tree for his bedroom and each day he got a little decoration for the tree so that by christmas his tree was decorated.
Due to space issues I have not done  this since having Stephanie. Now we have moved to a house and they have a room each I decided I would od that again this year. I bought the trees and they got those the other day. I also got some small decorations in the shops, but as I am trying to make things for myself and be more self sufficient I want to make some of my own.
Bewing slightly disorganised this year these preperations have not been done yet. So I am spending the evenings tryng to organise the next days treat. Tonight I have sat and sewn 2 stockings for the children whils watching christmassy programmes. Now they are not perfect but they were made with love. Meet treats in box number 9;

Now I need to think of some more ideas for other days. The thing I love about these tiny decorations is that they are using up my tiny scraps from other projects. Very eco!!

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