Thursday, 6 January 2011


Yep my living room is looking like this right now;
Yep its the time of year I get to spend writing essays! I have been counting down the words all day, aplogies to those of you following me on twitter you are probably bored of my posts!

I need to share this image, yes its food again. I loved this meal as it was almost free. The fish was caught by a family member and given to me. The vegetables were a gift from foodari as a thank you for placing my christmas veg order with them. I have been ordering my veg from this local supplier for several months now. I love the freedom their box scheme allows for these reasons
1. the food is always fresh and tasty
2. I choose exactly how much goes in my box
3. I choose exactly what goes in my box
4. I order when I need food, it is not a regular subsrciption like many other box schemes.
5. They even delivered to me during the worst of the snow when I couldn't get my car out of the road.
6. the staff are all very friendly and polite

and these are just some of my reasons, I could extend the list lots more. It is not just me that gets excited over a vegetable box the children also love them. I never tell the children what is in the box so when I call up the stairs the farmer has brought the veg box it is guaranteed to have them fly out of bed and down the stairs in seconds. This is the box they came down to this morning

Stephanie was particular impressed by the hidden treasures in the paper bag in the back they are her favourite vegetables of the moment, brussels sprouts.

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