Wednesday, 5 January 2011

a 'new' dress

A while back, OK it must have been around a year ago, my Nanna gave me an old bridesmaid dress for Stephanie. It was one of my cousins when they were young, must have been around 6 according to the label. I finally have got around to adjusting it to fit Stephanie today. I don't know why I have to put things off for so long it didn't take much effort. Stephanie liked the style of the dress she just wanted me to alter the length. Due to the embroidery and scalloped edging it wasn't a simple case of re-hemming the dress. I had to detach the skirt from the bodice and adjust the length from there. It sounds a lot more complicated than it was.

I didn't chop the excess dress off when I altered it, I have left it attached on the inside so that when Stephanie grows the extra 15 cms the dress holds I can let it back down again.

This is the dress, it is rather vintage looking I estimate its use to be around 1985. If I remember right my Nanna said it was worn at my godfathers wedding, and I attended his 25th anniversary party last year. Stephanie loves it and cannot wait for her friends princess party at the weekend where she plans on wearing it. I will try and get a photo of her in the dress as I'm sure it will look much better than it does lying on the chair.

Today I have been running errands interspersed with an impromptu trip to the park. When we got back Stephanie asked for soup for lunch, so I used up one of the squashes I got in a recent veg delivery and made this;

I don't know what the kind of squash was, it had a hard grayish outer shell very vivid orange flesh inside and it tasted divine. I am very pleased that I have lots left in the fridge for me to eat over the coming days. Stephanie likes a little soup but today she had seconds it was that good.

We liked the squash so much that I have kept the seeds and cleaned them up a bit in the hope that we will be able to grow some of our own later in the year. I need to do some googling to discover what the squash was and also if I need to do anything specific to the seeds before I plant them as I have only used seeds out of the packet before.

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